Assam Muga Silk,Muga Silk, Muga Silk Saree

Muga Silk

Muga silk is one of the rarest silks in the world.Due to its golden nature,it has now come to be known as Golden Silk Of Assam as it is found only in the state.This silkworms have been in existence since prehistoric times.The silkworms are very delicate and cannot withstand the minimum pollution levels,thus making is very rare,the silk fibre is very strong organic naturalfibre and is derived from semi cultivated silkworms named Antheraea assamensis.One of the most significant properties of the fabric is it's longevity as it has been seen time and again to outlive the weaver thua making it an heirloom piece for every weaver.

The golden silk Muga is known world over it's unique properties like natural golden brilliance,a super fine texture which is resilient,has humidity absorption quality thus having a long shelf time.

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