Handmade ecofriendly bags


Can we all agree that the earth is what we all have in common? But the way we are handling this planet saddens us? Sustainability is the new norm in society, something we all must adapt to. We are proud to be a community that encourages an eco-friendly approach to products manufacturing as well as packaging. Our brand Homelife's prime motivation behind introducing jute, kauna grass, and other recyclable alternatives into the manufacturing of products is because they are cost-effective as well as environment friendly, it also helps in reducing carbon footprints which makes them more desirable. Walking into the world with new ideas leave your imprint, and these unique items when used by people make them stand out in the crowd.

This has created a trend of sustainable fashion in this industry and has changed the perspective of people too. We believe in Vocal for Local and are doing our bit in encouraging the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative by providing women in remote areas with a platform where they can showcase their talents.

Fortunately, our company provides a platform that contributes to the protection of our environment. So why not say no to plastic and yes to eco-friendly packaging?

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