About Us

Welcome to Homelife Services Private Limited. An Inspiring Platform To Help Women Unleash Their Creative Potential and Chase Their Dreams.

About Us

HomeLife Services Private Limited came into existence with a pure goal of empowering and promoting shelterless women artisans with golden hands of remote Indian villages and showcasing their hidden unmatched skill of art and craft to the world.

At HomeLife Services Private Limited, we provide high-quality, handcrafted, and Handloom Products, focusing on four characteristics: Affordable, Plastic-free, Eco-friendly packaging, 100% Natural, and being Plant-Based.

We are here to bring more and more eco-friendly Products to everyone’s life, which are undoubtedly the best alternatives to plastic products today. Most of our products are handcrafted by rural artisans of North Eastern states of India. We befriend customers locally and globally and are thrilled to be a part of the wing of this demanding industry.

We support women who are passionate about creating unique, stylish and eco-friendly products which are beautiful, functional, and robust enough to keep up with where they're going.

Our Story

 We are all about breaking barriers and establishing changes. So we envisaged a future that allows everyone— no matter their background or income level— to bring out their creative side and feel confident about whatever they do in their life.

The journey continues with our team that now designs and manufactures innovative products for your Home, Gardens, Hotels, Showrooms, and more.

Eventually, the demand for our products proceeded to develop. We made our products more attainable to a larger audience using the online store and e-commerce websites because we realized that so many women could benefit from our initiative. Our products focus on all the areas that a woman may work on throughout their life: career, creating wealth, and wellness.

We have now more than 300 workers working remotely from Assam, Manipur,Agartala, Ranchi to other states of India. The motive is simple—to empower shelter less women artisans by providing them with a means to support themselves, and showcase the hidden unmatched skill set that they have within these villages.

The organization has its eyes set on making progress in empowerment endeavors and economic development goals while working towards achieving something significant for those who need it most, taking our story from just beginning to an exciting new direction!

Our Mission

We have this thoughtful mission to build creative and eco-friendly products through result-driven expertise that promotes art and nature.

It is also to provide a rewarding and enjoyable partnership that is focused on creativity, collaboration, and empowerment. 

Furthermore to provide shelter and livelihood to every potential woman and connect their creativity and beautiful art with art lovers of the planet.


Creative Design


The goal with every product is to design something that's going to be useful plus artistic. We're creative in the way we think about solutions-- not just making pretty things happen!


Hand Crafted


We’re proud to say we manufacture every product from rural India. Our team of skilled craftsmen works hard with love for every small detail to provide a real handmade experience.


High Quality


We focus on robust manufacturing, minimum waste, eco-friendliness, and the highest quality. We think the small things can make a huge difference in the end product!