Kauna Grass

Kauna Grass

From Konark sun temple to udayagiri caves, a fabric breathes. A fabric that was born from a type of water reed native to North Eastern India known as Kauna Grass. This grass was then harvested, dried, and at last woven into bags, baskets, mats, and other items of use by people.

This grass has a waxy outer coating and a thick pith, which makes our products strong, sensitive, and yet durable. Made out of Kouna Grass has a neutral tone which is appealing and pleasing to the eye. Subtle colour gives it a touch of sophistication and class making them the most apt choice as a gift hamper these days.

Products made out of kauna grass are not only eco-friendly but also lightweight, long-lasting, stylish, alternative to plastic and completely low maintenance in nature. They are super comfortable too.

Kauna products are handcrafted with immense love and efforts by talented artisans from Northeast India Manipur, which is tightly sewn up. Lightweight and sturdy

HomeLife promotes Women's Empowerment. Hence, all our products highlight the intricate work of rural women who are extremely hardworking and creative with as simple a thing as grass, hence must be handled with utmost care.

Every purchase made through us results in significant change for artisans, their families, and comodities. This also promotes local vendors and supports the campaign started by our hon'ble prime minister, "vocal for local".

These water reed grass objects stack inside of each other for easy storage when not in use and are suitable for drawers, shelves, desks, or anywhere in the house. Please keep in mind that these items are handmade and that sizes may vary.

They must not be submerged in water, and if they do come into contact with water, they must be thoroughly dried.

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