Madhubani and Ghicha

Madhubani and Ghicha

Art is the purest form of expression in the world. It's what makes the sun shine brighter and the rain feels lighter. Madhubani is an ancient and well-known northern Indian art form. Women used this distinct style of art to decorate their home walls and doors to aspire to God's blessing in the form of prosperity and peace.


These sarees are not only graceful when worn but also emphasize the rich heritage as well as the culture of our society.


Madhubani's hand-painted sarees depict various styles and aspects of our nature and its essence lies in the printing done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib pens, and even matchsticks. Madhubani sarees express the wearer's diligent taste. It's beauty in its simplest and purest form. They emphasize the elegance of the wearer as much as of the weaver.


They are made by women of rural areas, which articulate the amount of dedication that must have been put into their creation of them.


Ghicha saree


The serene courage of art that lies in the beauty of the brokenness comes in the form of Ghicha sarees. Ghicha is a type of silk yarn obtained from cocoons that are not included in the standard process of staggering in traditional Tussar silk directly from the silk cocoon.

This happens because some cocoons are often pierced, damaged, or cut unfavorably which then results in a varied texture of the silk which is more desirable to women.


Anyhow this fabric prevents the silk from naturally reeling in. These sarees are regardless high in quality and give the saree a glossy appearance.


Its high-quality fabric ensures that it will last for a long time. They are low maintenance in nature and look as good as new every time person wears them. The tribal women who are well-versed in the art of Ghicha silk weaving are our primary suppliers. They are extremely talented women with an eye for the intricate beauty of the silk produced.

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